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Staff Application

Lets start with the most important key point, You must have the Minecraft: Java Edition to in-order to join our staff team. Once you've submitted your application you'll need to wait for approval, this can take up-to a week to process but usually 48 hours. During this time you **cannot** ask a staff member more than once regarding your application or it will be denied. At last, we at Xiled Kingdom deem to value and respect both your personality, characteristics & your skills.

  • You are at-least 14 years old.
  • You are able to communicate, This is key!
  • You are an active member within the Community.
  • If needed you are able to screen-record/screenshare.
  • You are in full compliance with the Xiled Kingdom Rules & Regulations, Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

About Yourself

Previous Experience

Thank you for taking the time to complete your application. Please take a moment to read through the application agreement.

You agree that you have filled out true information.
You agree that you are at-least 14 years old.
You agree that you are not apart of another Staff Team.
You agree that you are will be an active member of the community.

You agree that you have not been Membership Revoked from Xiled Gaming Network