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Welcome to Xiled Kingdom's Official Rules!
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Useful links:
Discord Terms of Service
Discord's TOS states that you must be at least 13 years old to use Discord. Any users under the age of 13 will be kicked.
- You can find Discord's Guidelines here: https://discord.com/guidelines
- You can find Discord's Terms here: https://discord.com/terms

Xiled Gaming Network Code of Conduct
All Xiled Gaming Network members must uphold the XGN Code of Conduct at all times.
➜ Follow the XGN Code of Conduct https://xgn.gg/kb/#coc

General Rules
➜ Mods & Admins have the final say with punishments
➜ Be respectful to everyone
➜ No hate speech; racism, homophobia, sexism, etc
➜ Do not send false reports through the report command. This is for serious offenses, not for you to mess around
➜ Keep arguments and personal problems in DMs (including suicidal/violent talk)
➜ No advertising on the server directly or through DMs (bannable)
➜ No excessive pinging; mass pinging staff, spam pinging someone
➜ Do not repeatedly leave and rejoin the server
➜ Do not try to get other people punished/banned (baiting)

Voice Chat Rules
➜ No ear rape/mic spam this includes videos of any sorts
➜ Do not spam the bot with music
➜ Keep the usage of voice changers/sound boards to a minimum
➜ Only one music bot per channel

Text Chat Rules
➜ Do not spam/text wall; 4 lines or more count as spam. Do not send the same pictures over & over(donors)
➜ No irrelevant emotes/dotting
➜ Do not misuse the media channels
➜ No suspicious links
➜ No botting invite links in other discords for our discord. (Allow others to find us on their own)
➜ Do not post people's pictures/DMS/information without their permission
➜ Please keep chatting in English, we cannot moderate what we can't understand

Profile Rules
➜ No Inappropriate names or profile pictures.
➜ No alternate accounts (will be banned)
➜ No impersonation
➜ Do not include hate speech within your status
➜ Do not bring notice to advertisements in your status