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Introducing Seasons
1tzEmerald • Aug 26th, 2022 • 3 minute read

🔆 ❄️ Introducing Seasons 🌸 🍂

Today we'd like to inform you all about a super exciting feature to our Survival server. Seasons! That means the typical yearly seasons being: Summer, Spring, Autumn, & Winter with a real-time calendar to inform you on when and how long until the next season! 

👀 Lets go more in-detail about each season!

🌸 Spring
Spring is by far the easiest season and it will give you an alive and warm feeling. The trees get a beautiful colour, the water and sky will get a warm colour, the entire world will be flooded with flowers and baby animals can be found around every corner. Spring gives your world a special feeling, especially after a long and cold winter.

🕰️ Season Start Date: 20th March

  • Leaves in forests will turn pink and water will have a slight light-blue tint.
  • The sky has a light-blue colour
  • Flowers can be found everywhere, the entire world will look like a flower forest
  • Snow and ice generated in winter will be removed
  • Lots of sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens will spawn each with 3-5 babies
  • Fireflies will spawn at night
  • Potentially increases spawn rate of bees.
  • Average temperature of 5°C-23°C, depending on the biome.
  • Length of the day and night are mostly equal

🔆 Summer
The days are becoming longer and the sun is very strong. The world is slowly turning into a big jungle. Animals normally only found in the jungle will now be everywhere. The trees have vibrant green colours similar to jungle leaves and the sky and water become light blue. Crops are also growing extremely fast and temperatures skyrocket. Make sure to take some extra water with you to conquer the heat.

🕰️ Season Start Date: 21st June

  • Trees and grass in most biomes have a vibrant green colour similar to jungle leaves
  • Cold biomes (snowy plains, taiga etc) have the grass colour of plains
  • Hot biomes (desert, savanna) look a bit dry
  • The colour of the water and sky is light blue
  • Shooting stars can be seen at night
  • Fireflies will spawn at night
  • Flowers placed in spring are removed
  • Patches of berry bushes spawn everywhere
  • Rain is very rare
  • Crops/plants without a block somewhere above them will grow 2x as fast
  • Husks will spawn instead of zombies
  • Average temperature be between 25°C-40°C, depending on the biome
  • Days will be long (around 13 min) and nights will be short (7 min)

🍂 Autumn
The days become shorter and the sun loses its strength. Trees turn into beautiful colours and the ground and water become muddy. The sky is dark and it feels like a storm could break loose any minute. Foxes, mooshrooms, frogs, bats and (cave)spiders start appearing around the world. Forests have never been so beautiful.

🕰️ Season Start Date: 23rd September

  • Trees turn into all kinds of colours: orange, blue, green, yellow and brown
  • Grass has a light-brown muddy colour / Water is brown and looks muddy
  • The sky has a grey colour
  • It will rain and storm more often
  • Bats spawn above ground at night
  • Mooshrooms, frogs and foxes spawn more often
  • Average temperature is between 5°C-25°C, depending on the biome

❄️ Winter
Temperatures are dropping and survival is becoming a real challenge. Most plants died from the cold snow and the ones that survived can't grow. The lakes and rivers are frozen and swimming could be lethal. The water has a dark-blue colour and the trees and grass are light-grey. Surviving the long and cold nights is truly a challenge. 

🕰️ Season Start Date: 21st December

  • Leaves and grass have a light-grey tint
  • The sky is a bit more white
  • Water is dark blue, All water source blocks without a block somewhere above them will freeze over time
  • It snows instead of rain. The actual snow texture of vanilla Minecraft is used, not particles.
  • Slightly Longer Nights
  • Strays will spawn instead of skeletons
  • Wolves, white foxes, polar bears and snowmen.
  • Crops/plants will not grow if they don’t have a block (Recommend Indoor Farms for the Winter)
  • Average temperature is between -10°C-5°C, depending on the biome

On another note we'd like to mention that we're thankful for everyones support so far! We'd appreciate a few minutes of time by completing a short feedback survey: https://xiledkingdom.com/feedback



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